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Meet The Family!


Ena & Harry Widjojo started Hardena in 2001. They left New York City and moved to Philadelphia to pursue a better life. They have three daughters; Diana, Maylia and Stephanie who have assisted in running the restaurant with them throughout the years. Harry and Ena are happily retired and their daughters Diana & Maylia now run the restaurant continuing their family legacy. 

Ena Widjojo

Retired but still the head honcho.

Ena learned her culinary skills from her mother, Cicih Kursia, back home in Indonesia. She was also a chef and baker who did massive caterings.  She rigorously trained Ena how to cook alongside her dishes from all parts of the country. 

Enas culinary journey in America started in the basement of the Consulate when a friend of hers nudged her to open for lunch service there. There she had the chance to cook for many people and the most famous was President Suharto when he visited New York in 1995. She had to prepare Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for him and his large entourage of 800 for ten days.


Harry Widjojo​

Natural business man, he opened, managed and ran the restaurant alongside his wife for the past 16 years. He is responsible for the starting of Hardena. He & his wife are currently retired.  

Diana Widjojo​

Co-Owner, Chef,  General Manager, Catering & Event Manager, Social Media Manager, Creative Genius. ;p 


Oldest daughter. Attended the Art Institute of New York City for Culinary Management. She is the main chef in charge of day to day operations, Catering events,  creates, maintains and handles all Hardenas Social Media, Marketing, Finances, Purchases, Artwork, designs & Website. 

She is the creator of the viral #NOTPIZZA box and enjoys being creative, collaborating with other chefs and giving back to the community through her community events. 

Maylia Widjojo​

Co-Owner, Sous Chef.


Attended JNA Culinary Institute. She is the second main cook.  Previously worked at Raes at the Cira Centre Building making gourmet pizzas. 


Full time child minion, Part time greeter and interrogator at Hardenas.

Four Year old adult. Likes minions, Egg surprises and chocolate. She is our main customer service rep and people interrogator. If you ever encounter her be prepared to answer a few questions such as:  Whats your name? Do you have a cat or a dog? 

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